Sayuri Miyasu (宮主 佐優理 Miyasu Sayuri) is one of Yuya's childhood friends and love interests.
Yandere 010

Sayuri in her school uniform

Appearance Edit

She has purple eyes and white hair with one section braided. She wears black stockings with a pair of brown shoes with her school uniform. She has an average bust and is about average height. She's always seen smiling.

Personality Edit

Sayuri is a compassionate person who sees the good in every situation. Although she doesn't look like it, she secretly likes horror films and all of the gorey details to them. Often times, she becomes jealous of Yūya receiving attention or doing anything that involves another girl. 

Background Edit

When she was a little girl, she grew up with very overprotective and strict parents who encouraged her to pursue her studies. One day, while she was playing with her friends, she skinned her knee. Her parents ran outside and yelled at her friends, assuming that her friends were responsible for her injury. Her friends apologized and never spoke to her again. Sayuri was left without any friends and felt incredibly lonely and stiffled by her parents. She overhears Yuya trying to break up a fight between Haruka and Kanna and ran to the park. She found him unconcious and let him rest his head on her lap.