Kayako Yuzuki (夕月 香也子 Yuzuki Kayako) is a young woman who works for City Hall.

Her (possibly twin) sister is Kayoko Yuzuki.
Yandere 003


She has red glasses, green hair and green eyes. Unlike her sister, she wears more casual clothing like a sweater and a skirt.

Personality Edit

She's kind and patient, but has an aloof and childish side to her that is showcased on her 'date' with Yuuya. She often tries to be mature, but it can fail miserably.


She was an old childhood friend of Yuuya's from when they were younger, but they lost contact until they met again because of Izaemon. She is seen as a big sister figure to Yuuya, who even calls her 'Kaya-nee'.


Yūya Kisaragi Edit

Like Kanna, Sayuri and Haruka, Kayako knew Yuuya when they were kids. She typically calls Yuuya 'Yuu-bou'.  It's unclear if she officially likes Yuuya or was just teasing him.

​Kayoko YuzukiEdit

Kayako has a pretty standard relationship with her sister.