Kanna Totomi (尊海 神無 Totomi Kanna)is one of Yuya's childhood friends and love interests. She's the President of the ReRe Club.
Yandere 005

Kanna in her school uniform

Appearance Edit

She has long black hair with her bangs cut in hime style, bright blue eyes, and a small bust. She often wears a vacant expression, only showing emotion when she's around Yuya. She wears a standard female student uniform with leggings.

Personality Edit

Kanna is cold and blunt. She tends to be lazy and sleep a lot, which makes the club look bad. She's a bit manipulative, doing things like lying to get out of trouble and trying to get Yuya to be her husband.


When she was a little girl, she used to pick on Haruka quite a bit. Around the time Yuya befriended Haruka, she started causing problems for them. Yuuya offered to let her play with them. Unfortunately, Haruka started arguing with her. Yuuya tried to break up their argument, only to be punched by the two girls. Once Yuuya woke up in Sayuri's lap, she and Haruka both apologized to him. In high school, she helped form the ReRe Club, becoming the president and making Yuya the vice-president.