Haruka Arisue (有末 陽佳 Arisue Haruka) is one of Yuya's childhood friends and love interests.

Haruka in her school uniform

Appearance Edit

Haruka has long pink hair, which she often ties up in a ponytail, and yellow eyes. She's the shortest and the smallest member of the club and the one with the biggest bust.

Personality Edit

Haruka is very energetic and loud. She tends to overreact to certain things, leading to overdramatic responses. She's very possessive of Yuya, refusing to accept him talking to any girls, age disregarded. She gets really nervous around men.

Background Edit

When Haruka was little, she grew up with an abusive father. He would often get angry with his wife and daughter and hit them. Haruka's mother got a divorce and moved to a new town with Haruka. Although they were far from her father's domestic abuse, Haruka grew to hate and fear all men. One day, Yuya tried talking to her in the park. She responded by shrieking and hitting him with her bat. Day after day, Yuya continued to try speaking with her only to get minimal results.